Jan 282016

Marijuana isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. But for the large sum of people that generally do want to smoke pot, sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out how. In this guide I’m going to outline the various methods of ingesting and inhaling cannabis, give tips on how to get it, as well as provide general tips for when smoking with other people.


The first step in smoking marijuana is of course, obtaining it. Obviously the most common way of getting some marijuana is finding someone to buy it from. This can be a bit tricky at times, if you don’t know anyone who sells try asking your friends. Depending on what state you live in your state might have legalized medical marijuana. Often times there are listings on craigslist posted by medical grower’s/suppliers who want to sell to people with medical cards. Try contacting these suppliers, Most of the time they turn you away when they find out you don’t have a card, but you can always get lucky. If you’re friends or craigslist doesn’t work out you can always try the go around ask people method. Just go to a populated area, like a park or a busy street, look for people who seem like they would smoke and ask them if they know where you can get some.


Of course some of these methods do seem a bit sketchy, but this brings me to my second point. https://medicineman.is/ Is an excellent site to go through when looking for bud. I have personally ordered off medicine man and it is usually pretty high quality. Ordered it using MM’s encrypted ordering form and paid for it using an anonymous currency called bitcoin. They let me know when my order had been processed and shipped, I had the bud in my mailbox in about a week. If you are a bit apprehensive about the site, just get $10 worth of bitcoin and order the one gram trial (for new customers). Very minimal risk considering you are only putting up $10 for the potential of getting a solid connection.


When you have your bud sitting on your desk or table ready to be smoked, there’s another thing to consider before lighting up. What are you going to smoke out of? Sure there’s the old tried and true can or apple, give it a google and theres plenty of tutorials on how to make apple pipes. (Personally if I was ever that desperate for a pipe I would usually just make a bowl out of a potato.) But as you smoke more a potato just doesn’t do it for you. There are pipes, papers, water pipes, bubblers, chillums, bongs, glass joints, oil rigs, vaporizers, the list goes on !

What you smoke out of can be a reflection of how much you smoke. If you don’t smoke a lot just head down to your local head shop and grab a one hitter or chillum to smoke out of. They don’t pack much but still get the job done. There isn’t alway a head or smoke shop right in your area, but luckily plenty of them ship. If you are living with people who you don’t want to know you smoke, make sure to look into the smoke shops shipping.
Often times they can send your new pipe in discrete packaging. I always prefer filtering my smoke through water, makes for a smoother hit. In the end it’s all personal preference, the only real way to find out what you like smoking out of the best is to try them all !


Once you have your bowl packed and ready to go the decision next is what to use to light it. While the most common way to smoke is by using a lighter, there is another option that some stoners prefer. It’s called hemp wick, essentially it’s the hemp plant processed and made into a small thin rope, then dipped in beeswax. You light the hemp wick with a lighter, then bring the flame from the wick and to the bowl. The idea is that you don’t have to breath in the butane from a lighter while taking a hit. Some people think it makes no difference, some people swear by them. If you ever see it around pick up a bit of wick, it never hurts to give it a try.


Now of course we have arrived at smoking etiquette. Often times in your life you may find that you are about to blaze up with friends, or perhaps someone you just met. It is crucial in my opinion to maintain good smoking etiquette during these encounters. I’ll give you all the dirty tips and tricks of being polite while smoking !

  • Hit the bowl or joint once, and then pass it. Don’t hit the pipe multiple times while the guy next to you is waiting for his turn.
  • No massive hits. Sometimes i’ll smoke with someone, and I can just tell they are trying to take the biggest hit they possibly can. This is pretty rude and greedy in my book. Take a look around at the size of other peoples hits and take roughly the size they are. If everyone takes about the same size hits then everyone gets the same amount.
  • No bogarting. It’s easy to get caught up with a conversation, but it’s even easier to pass the bowl along.
  • Corner it. If there’s still green left, angle your flame so that you only burn part of it. This leaves green left for the next person.
  • No slobbering. Often times an inexperienced smoker will get their saliva all over the mouthpiece of the bowl. It’s okay so long as you wipe it off after.
  • Thank you! If someone is smoking you out, don’t forget to say thanks.
  • If you are hanging out with someone, and you both have weed. Offer to share the load and each pack half a bowl, or one bowl each. This way more the one person is supplying the bud.
  • Be fair and generous. If you pack multiple bowls, instead of sparking every single one of them; pass one off to your friend for them to light.
  • Lastly, do unto others as you would do unto yourself ! Sharing is caring.

Try out these tips when smoking with friends, they might catch on and start to emulate your actions.

Jan 192016
  • Marijuana Seeds

The first step in growing marijuana is of course obtaining seeds. There are multitudes of different types of seeds and strains. Some are better for growing indoors, some are better for outdoors, do some research on what type of seeds are best for the type of grow you are planning on doing. Getting seeds can be relatively easy, give it a quick google and there will be plenty of online vendors that supply them.

There are a few things to keep in mind and do for optimum security when ordering seeds online. Check to make sure that the vendor you are obtaining the seeds from ships their packages discretely. If you are going to be paying for the seeds with your personal credit card make sure the vendors state that they destroy payment information immediately after payment has been confirmed. It is however recommended that you go down to your local department store or pharmacy and buy a prepaid visa card to buy the seeds with. If the site asks for an email, don’t use your personal email, create a new email and use that.

When creating the new email to use with the purchase (and when actually placing the order on any cannabis seed supply site) make sure to have a proxy running. Downloading and running a proxy/vpn is relatively easy, try this one for example https://openvpn.net/ it’s open source software that will hide your ip address. Download, install, run, and connect to one of the ‘virtual private networks’ listed, if you need more instruction on how to do this there are multitudes of tutorials online.

Generally the worst thing that will happen when ordering seeds online, is that they won’t show up. Someone got wise to what you were ordering and grabbed them, or law enforcement found out what was inside the package and confiscate them. However the worst possible scenario that will happen when ordering is the mailman will come to your door and ask you to sign for the package. NEVER sign for any package that has contraband in it, this implies that you knew what you ordered and are implying that you accept responsibility for the package. If someone does try to get you to sign for your package, simply decline and say you didn’t order it, this leaves you with plausible deniability. Also always order using your real name and address.


Once you have obtained marijuana seeds there are a variety of items you will need to have to successfully grow cannabis.

  • Mylar

When you growing marijuana using artificial light you are going to want to waste the least amount possible. Some people use tinfoil but this is not nearly as effective as using Mylar or Foylon. Both of these materials reflect large amounts of light. So when setting up your grow room make sure to put up one of these materials that reflect light over the walls, floors and ceilings. This will optimize the amount of light your plants get, as well as recycle light that wouldn’t be used.

  • Timers

It is crucial to use timers when growing bud. Basically you set up a timer so that it is synchronized with your light system. By using a timer you will artificially create a sleep/wake cycle that all plants on earth are used to. There are two different types of light cycles that will do different things to your plants. By growing indoors you dictate what light cycles your plants are on, triggering either the vegetative growth cycle, or the flowering cycle. After the seeds have germinated you want to keep your plants on the vegetative growth cycle until they are about twelve to twenty inches tall. The vegetative growth cycle is generally eighteen hours of light vs six hours of darkness. Once your plants have reached the desired height, change your timer to a steady twelve/twelve hours of light/dark. This will tell your plants that it is time to flower.

  •  Ventilation and temperature control

Keeping your grow room ventilated is key to a successful grow. Seeing as how your room is going to be for the most part completely sealed, inside your grow room there is going to be an excess of oxygen. Your plants need other chemicals in the air to survive. Set up exhaust and intake fans to fix this problem. One important step to growing is keeping the area outside your grow room odorless. Make sure to install a carbon filter on your exhaust fan to completely filter out any smells from the air exiting your room. The carbon filter will completely neutralize any smells that would otherwise stink up the area.

In addition to an exhaust fan you will have to set up an intake fan that brings new air into your room. This air will naturally have the chemicals needed for your plants to survive. When setting up your fans make sure they are as small as possible, or set up a rig to make sure minimal light enters your grow room. Having light hit your plants even for a couple of minutes during the time when it is supposed to be dark can completely destroy the cycles you have been trying to get your plants to fall into. Another aspect to your grow room that is a necessity is temperature control, an air control unit will need to be installed in your grow room. Make sure it is reliable and can keep your room between 72-76 degrees fahrenheit. Get a hygrometer that will measure the temperature in your grow room to make sure the temp is consistent. Having your plants in a room with unregulated temperature can cause them to either die, produce a very small yield, or no yield at all.

  • Soil and fertilizer

Having both high quality soil and fertilizer are very important to a successful grow. These are the things that your plants eat, and live off of (besides water). For soil you are definitely going to want to get the highest quality organic soil you can. Depending on what stores are available to you, top of the line gardening supply stores generally sell higher quality organic soil mixes. But if a store like home depot is your only option just try to get the most expensive organic potting soil blend you can find. Make sure whatever you get has peat moss in it, and if it doesn’t just buy some separately and add it in. You can use different types of fertilizer but it is generally recommend to buy fertilizer that’s specifically for marijuana. These types of fertilizers can be bought on various sites and are perfectly safe and legal to buy. Just apply the fertilizer to your plants soil based on the instructions provided, this is going to be what your plants mainly live off of and will help them to grow faster and give better yields.

  • Growing containers

Having optimal growing containers can be very critical. Depending on what you grow your plants in they can become root locked and potentially die. The minimum size pot is going to be about 12″ deep, or roughly a three gallon container. If you try to use pots smaller than this your plants roots can run out of room to grow, and will ultimately cause the plants harm. Do some research on what the best depth growing pots will be for you. Depending on what size pot you pick, the plants will either grow to be very large, or on the smaller side.

  • LED lights

Using LED lights are not a requirement for growing marijuana but are extremely superior to using other types of lights. They add an extra layer of security as they are much less noticeable to anyone checking your house via heat sensors, or looking at your electricity bill, as they take far less electricity than normal lights. There are multitudes of LED lights specifically designed for growing marijuana, these lights will optimize your harvests and electricity usage. You can buy and rig up LED lights yourself which is definitely a cheaper option, but it is definitely recommended to buy pre-designed ones.

While these are just the essential items needed to grow, there are many miscellaneous items I have not mentioned. Do some more research and read a lot to compile a comprehensive list. Growing is a massive undertaking, in addition to the things I haven’t mentioned there will be unforeseeable tools and items you will need, be prepared to run to the hardware store !




Jan 182016

There are many factors that can contribute to getting caught illegally growing weed. For most people getting busted while growing will mean a massive headache, expenses, and usually jail time. There are a variety of different options and things you can do to minimize your risk and possible penalties while growing.

     1. Learn the laws of your state.

Depending on what state you live in various laws and penalties will apply to your grow operation if you do get caught. Penalty factors usually include possession and cultivation charges. Look into the state laws where you live and see how many plants you would need to grow to get say, a felony charge, and grow just under that amount. A great site to get this information from is NORML. http://norml.org/laws

     2. Keep to yourself.

The most often way growers get caught is when a relative, friend, or girlfriend/boyfriend drops the dime on them. When you are running a grow operation you have to keep in mind at all times how extremely illegal what you’re doing is. This means unless you want to risk possibly going to jail, it’s best to keep to yourself about the situation. You might think your friends are trustworthy, but is it ever really worth the risk? One of the most important rules of growing is never tell ANYONE.

     3. Keep your grow room completely contained.

When growing there are multitudes of different factors relating to your grow room that can get you busted. First off there’s smell, when you have multiple marijuana plants in a room, you better count on the fact that they are going to reek. Step one for eliminating the smell problem is to make sure your grow room is air tight. You want the only air that goes in and out of your room to come from your exhaust vents or the door when you have to open it. Installing carbon filters/scrubbers with a fan via an exhaust vent is a must. Essentially you want to force any air in your grow room through a carbon filter, generally this is done using a fan. The carbon filter will completely purify any smell going out, leaving only pure air. The carbon filter of course will need to be changed semi regularly. Step two is making sure that neighbors don’t notice anything or get curious in any way. When you do buy a fan for your carbon filter setup do some research and make sure that it’s not loud. Seeing as how you will be running the fan 24/7 if it is loud people might start to wonder what you’re doing with it. When you buy your fan make sure it’s as quiet as possible. If you get a chance walk around your house a couple times and make sure nothing stands out of the ordinary.

     4. Be discrete.

Be discrete as possible in everything you do relating to your grow. When moving grow supplies into your house try to do it at night time, or in generic containers. If you plan on having company over make sure that your grow room is 100% odorless, as well as taking precautions like locking the door to the room.

5. Use LED lights.

One of the most essential aspects of growing is using LED lights instead of any other type of light bulb. While most other types of light bulbs emit large amounts of heat, LED lights barely emit any. LED lights can be on the expensive side but you will be glad you invested in them when a helicopter with a heat sensor flies by your house and notices nothing. Not to mention the fact that other types of light bulbs can be troublesome when it comes to keeping your grow room cool. In addition LED lights use a fraction of the electricity most other light bulbs use, saving on electricity expenses in the long run. 

As long as you know you’re the only one growing marijuana in your home, your odds of being busted are very minimal. Keep your grow room contained, odorless, don’t let anyone see you bringing grow equipment into your house, and be cautious when ordering seeds online. No one will ever know you’re growing, and no one will ever suspect you’re growing. Be smart and safe.


Jan 132016

Growing marijuana illegally is a very serious federal crime, as well as in most cases being a serious state crime. On a federal level growing as few as a couple of plants, up to growing fifty plants is a felony. Getting busted growing on a federal level can land you up to five years in prison, as well as a $250,000 fine. Avoiding federal laws are impossible, but you can try to find the state with the least strict laws around cultivation to minimize jail time and fines if you do get caught. In almost every state growing marijuana in any amount is a felony and can land you anywhere from two to five years in jail. There are however a few exceptions.

If you are looking to grow marijuana simply for personal use three different states as well as DC will let you do this legally. In DC you can legally grow six plants in your home, however only three out of the six plants may be mature at any given time. If you have roommates they may also grow marijuana, however there may be no more than twelve plants per household with no more than six being mature at any time.

Oregon allows you to grow no more than four plants in your home legally. Growing more than four, but less than eight can get you six months in jail as well as a $2,500 fine. However growing any more than eight plants in your house is a felony and is punishable by a prison sentence of up to five years.

Alaska is an excellent state for growing marijuana legally as you can grow up to twenty five plants in your residence no questions asked ! Once you exceed the twenty five plant limit the crime goes straight to a felony which can land you up to five years in jail.

Colorado is one of the best states to grow marijuana illegally. You can of course grow six plants in your house without breaking the law. Once you pass the six plant mark, as long as you are growing less than thirty plants the maximum sentence is two years in prison as well as a $100,000 fine. Any more than thirty and you are looking at a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

Maine is the best state to grow marijuana illegally in, hands down. You can’t grow any marijuana legally (unless you have a medical marijuana card) but the penalties for illegal grow operations are very minimal in comparison to other states. Growing five plants or less can give you a maximum of six months in prison and a $1000 fine. Growing between six and one hundred plants is listed as a class D crime and can land you up to a year in jail as well as a $2,000 fine. After the one hundred plant mark growing turns in a class C crime, which is punishable by up to five years in prison. (however it is still not considered a felony)

If you’re looking to grow marijuana illegally, Maine looks like the place to go. It is the only state where growing more than twenty five plants in your house doesn’t land you two or more years in jail. However there are cases where growing twenty five or more plants in Maine can land you five years in prison. If you get charged with ‘aggravated cultivation’, getting charged with aggravated cultivation worsens the offense of growing significantly. Aggravating factors are

  • Selling marijuana to a minor
  • Defendant possesses a firearm in furtherance of the offense
  • The defendant enlists the help of or conspires with a minor
  • The crime takes place within one thousand feet of a school or drug free zone
  • The defendant has one or more prior marijuana related convictions

So if you do plan on growing marijuana illegally in Maine, make sure you don’t have any prior marijuana related convictions or do any of the other things listed.

Jan 092016

To some there isn’t a clear answer as to whether or not smoking marijuana is good or bad for you (physically). Many marijuana advocates claim that marijuana smoke does not cause lung cancer and can even help prevent it. But the general consensus among most people is that smoke is bad for you and your lungs. Regardless of whether or not it’s marijuana, tobacco, or any other kind of smoke. For those of us who wish to avoid potential unnecessary damage to our lungs and health while ingesting cannabis, vaporization can be a pleasant alternative. For those who don’t know, almost all chemicals have a point where they combust, or vaporize. THC and a few other psychoactive chemical compounds in marijuana vape temp is approximately 180 celsius, or around 350 fahrenheit. So once you’re ready to get high, instead of lighting up a joint, preheat your vape to the desired temperature and throw in some bud.

(Image shows a person filling up balloons with marijuana vapor using a Volcano Vaporizer.)

When you vaporize your herb instead of smoking it, you are essentially only inhaling exactly what you want to inhale. The good stuff, cannabinoids, THC, and other chemicals that give you a nice buzz. What you aren’t inhaling is mass amounts of combusted plant material in the form of smoke and carcinogens. Some people can experience slight shortness of breath, wheezing, and other undesirable side effects from smoking cannabis. Although as a whole smoking marijuana isn’t going to kill you, why do it if you don’t have to?

When you vaporize bud you can taste fully taste it, being able to experience the pure subtleties and flavour of the strain. Another great thing is that vaporizing can be more cost effective than smoking. A study conducted by NORML found that good quality vaporizers could convert roughly 45% of THC found in bud into vapour. While smoking a joint converted only approximately 25% of available THC into smoke. Not to mention the fact that once you’re vape bowlpack is cashed, you still have crumbly brown bud leftover. Every time you’re done vaping, throw the vaped bud into a jar. Depending on how much you smoke you should have enough to cook up into edibles in no time. Having a vaporizer at home is great, but you can also get pocket vape pens. Most are small and easy to use as well as discrete. Vapor doesn’t stink up an area the same way smoke does, and for all anyone knows you’re just vaping some nicotine. I would personally feel comfortable vaping out of a vape pen almost anywhere. Unlike a bowl which is far more noticeable and incriminating.

As a whole vaping is great, you get leftover bud to cook with, you inhale more THC than you would smoking, and you get to save your lungs from breathing in carcinogenic smoke. It seems like a win win scenario, but to each his own. Stay high people !

Jan 092016

Medical Marijuana in New York Medical marijuana laws in New York state are unusual in comparison to most laws pertaining to the subject. Almost all the states that allow medical marijuana, permit patients to have it in various forms, from bud to concentrates. However New York’s laws only give those with medical marijuana cards the right to eat edible forms of cannabis. In early January 2014 Governor Cuomo gave a statement saying that he was planning to put medical marijuana laws into place via executive order. On June 20th 2014 NY Legislature passed the bill allowing all forms of non smoke-able medical marijuana. The following monday Cuomo happily signed the ‘Compassionate Care Act’ into effect. The bill was very strict in the specifications of who could apply for a New York medical marijuana card. The only NY citizens applicable were people suffering from severe diseases, Aids to Cancer, Epilepsy to Parkinson’s disease and everything in between. But you couldn’t go down to your local doctor and grab a card just for a back ache.

The process for getting a medical cannabis card can be so difficult that since the program’s launch (recently on Thursday 1/7/2016) NY state department of health has only issued around 70 cards. This may seem like a relatively decent number, but considering that roughly 200,000-400,000 are eligible to receive a medical ID card, 70 is a pretty abysmal figure. Over 170 doctors in the state have signed on to be physicians who will then give patients a certification they can bring to the department of health to apply for a medical card. The list of said doctors is going to be released to various healthcare providers so they can refer patients, state officials say.

So far eight out of twenty medical marijuana dispensaries in New York are open for business, the other twelve plan on opening sometime this month. One such dispensary that is currently operating in New York is called Columbia Care. The CEO of Columbia Care (Nicholas Vita, who at one point worked for Goldman Sachs) attempted to come up with a rough estimate of how much money is to be made in the New York medical marijuana industry. He stated that if even 200,000 of the almost 400,000 New York citizens that are eligible got a card and used it regularly; New York could sell over $300,000,000 of marijuana a year. Assuming that each cardholder spent $100-$300 a month on the substance. Even if the estimate is off by 50%, New York is looking at a serious cash influx seeing as how currently there is a 7% sales tax on all medical marijuana products. While there are only 70 medical card holders currently, the number could rise dramatically.

Jan 072016

In late December 2014, journalists and bloggers advocating medical marijuana rejoiced at a new found topic on the subject to write about. A clause in the (then) newly passed roughly 1600 page federal spending measure outlined a so called ‘ceasefire’ on the federal war on medical marijuana. Said passage stated that “None of the funds made available in this Act to the Department of Justice may be used” in relation to a large number of 35 or so states from “preventing such States from implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana.”. Multitudes of articles written by generally credible sources stated that the federal government quietly ended the war on cannabis. However this couldn’t be farther from the truth. One such article being written by Evan Halper of the LA Times. He wrote so surely that the provision in the federal spending measure “effectively ends the federal government’s prohibition on medical marijuana”. A year has passed and some, but not much has changed in how the federal government prosecutes state medical marijuana doctors, dispensaries, and patients. He went on to write only a week or so ago that “A year after Congress voted to end war on medical pot, raids continue in California”. So obviously the end of federal medical marijuana prohibition wasn’t as effective as he originally thought.

Since the enrollment of medical marijuana, suppliers and patients alike have been at ‘war’ per say with the federal government. Although many states have legalized it medically, marijuana continues to be illegal on a federal level. The DEA (and other federal and state agencies) have led numerous raids, arrests, and lawsuits against those in the medical industry.

Since it began it had been an uphill battle to uphold laws that some states had enacted, due to the extreme federal prosecution of doing so. In 2009 the U.S department of justice stated that they would no longer make going after the medical marijuana industry a priority. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr stated that “individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana.” Since then the number of arrests and raids pertaining to medical marijuana have dropped dramatically across the board.
Although unfortunately prosecution does still happen. Depending on what medical state you are referring to, there are potentialities of loopholes that federal prosecutors can exploit. One such state is California. Although the current Governor (Jerry Brown) has signed multiple measures to clarify the state’s medical marijuana laws and remove any loopholes that might be found; said measures won’t be going into effect until 2018. Because of said loopholes some raids in California are still taking place as they are not “in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws”. One such case was in mid June of 2015, however those leading the raid(s) seem to be slipping some. Currently there is a lawsuit taking place filed by Matthew Pappas on behalf of Sky High Holistic medical center. The suit is on the grounds of the police officers taking excessive and unconstitutional actions during the raid. Said officers were even caught on camera eating what looked like a medical pot brownie. Hopefully the case will turn out well and other officers and federal agents might be discouraged from taking further action against those involved with medical marijuana.

Jan 072016

The state of Oregon has been a front runner in setting trends for cannabis laws in the United States. Although It was one of the states that outlawed possession and use of marijuana all the way back in 1935; It has since been working to right that wrong in the past few decades. Oregon was the first state to decriminalize possession of marijuana in 1973. The law passed made possession of an ounce or less of ganja a slap on the wrist– only a 500-1000$ fine. Although it may seem like a harsh fine, It was better than having more than an ounce on you (a ‘crime’ that was not decriminalized) which was a felony offence and could land you up to ten years in prison. Alaska and Maine closely followed suit in decriminalizing marijuana in 1975 and 1976.

Although California beat Oregon to the punch in 1996 by legalizing medical marijuana first; It only took a few years for the state to catch on and legalize it medically as well. After being one of the first couple states to Set the initiative of legalizing cannabis medically, more and more states began to do the same. By early 2015 23 states, nearly half of the U.S had legalized it medically, and 4 had even set the bar to legalize it recreationally. Needless to say Oregon was among those 4 states to recreationally legalize ganja.

Ballot measure 91 was Oregon’s third attempt at recreational legalization. The previous two 1986’s measure 5, and 2012’s measure 80 both failed. Although the most recent measure 80 was defeated narrowly, while 47.% voted yes on legalization, and 53% of people voted no. In November 2014 ballot measure 91 was introduced and voted on. It wasn’t a landslide of a victory– but it was enough, 56% of people voted yes, while 44% of people voted no.  Recreational marijuana in Oregon had been legalized ! The new law stated that anyone over the age of 21 could possess up to an ounce of marijuana on their person legally. In addition to that, they would also legally be allowed to hold up to eight ounces of ganja in their home, and grow up to four plants on their property.
However these new found laws did not go into effect until July 1st of 2015. In late July the governor of Oregon signed legislation setting the first legal marijuana sale date to October 1st, 2015. Although the date was set for October 1st, the state of Oregon won’t begin accepting applications for growers, wholesalers, processors and retail outlets until January 1st of 2016. While there were no recreational growers or dispensaries, on October 1st recreational sales took place at already existing medical dispensaries. In the first week that recreational sales were legal, it is estimated that Oregon residents spent over 11 million USD on ganja. The state of Oregon estimates that they will make between roughly 17-40 million per year in tax revenue.
Sounds like it’s about time to move to Oregon! It’s just a shame that the max amount of plants you can grow is 4 at a time, I could go through 8 easy ! 😉