Treating Glaucoma With Marijuana

by art - February 16th, 2014

marijuana-glaucoma-posterThe optic nerve is the a cable carrying visual information from the eye to the brain. Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve; the resulting damage can result in vision loss and even blindness. Essentially, glaucoma damages the optic nerve by creating higher than normal pressure within the eye (intraocular pressure or IOP). The only known way to treat glaucoma is to lower the IOP levels in the patient. This can be done with eye drops, or even surgery.

Since the 70s medicinal marijuana advocates have spoken in favor of treating glaucoma with marijuana. Although marijuana has been shown to lower the IOP levels in a patient; it has been proven to be ineffective. The IOP levels are lowered, but only for a matter of hours. To effectively treat glaucoma with marijuana, one would have to smoke every three to four hours.

Furthermore, not only does marijuana lower eye pressure; it lowers blood pressure. This could result in some reduced blood flow to the optic nerve, possibly damaging it. As we begin to understand more about the disease, we have come to realize that IOP levels are not the only damaging component in glaucoma. Even though marijuana does lower IOP levels It is not an effective treatment.


Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Marijuana

by art - February 16th, 2014

ms-cannabisMultiple sclerosis or MS is a disease of the central nervous system. It is a degenerative ailment, one that eventually permanently disables you and in some cases is fatal. Their have been many clinical studies done over the years regarding MS and marijuana. One such study conducted in 2008 showed that inhaled marijuana drastically reduced pain and spasticity in the majority of patients.

Investigators concluded that “smoked cannabis was superior to placebo in reducing spasticity and pain in patients with multiple sclerosis and provided some benefit beyond currently prescribed treatment.”
Not only would marijuana help with pain and spasticity, but it also helps with other side effects of MS; such as anxiety or depression. Other recent clinical studies are now suggesting that not only does marijuana help with all of the above, cannabinoids may inhibit MS progression. Another study conducted of 167 MS patients found that cannabinoid extracts significantly reduced pain and spasticity. It also showed that the longer they took it, they needed fewer and fewer daily doses.

While the treatment of multiple sclerosis is still a controversial subject, if I got MS I would be using it as my #1 treatment. An estimated 400,000 American’s have MS and more than two million world wide. If you have MS I implore you, give mary jane a shot.


Don’t Get Ripped Off

by art - February 16th, 2014

scale weedWhen your buying weed, its easy to get ripped off. Especially if your new to the subject. I’ve had people try to sell me 8ths for $65! The first step to not getting ripped off is knowing your prices. Average prices are  $20 a gram, $50-55 an eighth, $80-100 a quarter, $170-200 a half O, and $300-400 an O. Now you know the prices, so when someone tries to sell you that $65 eighth you’ll be able to call them on it.

The second step to not getting ripped off: buy a scale. In the long run this will actually save you money, you can get a scale for about $10-$15. With a scale, you can take that eighth you paid $55 for and weigh it. This way you can see if your dealer gave you 3.2 grams instead of the full 3.5. By doing this you’ll be able to sort out the bad dealers from the good dealers

The third step to not getting ripped off, is haggling. Haggling is a delicate art. When haggling with dealers you have to identify them first. Do they have more customers than they can handle? Are they broke and need more customers? I’ve had dealers text me multiple times in a day “Yo you sure you don’t need some?” Some dealers are desperate, some are not. by judging accurately you will be able to effectively set your price at $50 for that eighth, or $60 if they don’t need your business. I hope this helped someone!

PS: I would never buy an eighth for $60


First Retail Marijuana Brand

by art - February 16th, 2014

shivelyWith our country on the cusp of legalization, someone was bound to create a brand of weed. Diego Pellicer intends to be the first trustworthy brand of pot: the Camel or Marlboro of marijuana. It makes complete sense to start building a brand now, even without full legalization implemented. Diego Pellicer intends to sell only the most premium of marijuana, it will have guaranteed consistent quality. “Think of us as the ‘Davidoff of marijuana,’ with great attention given from genetics to the finished product.” -Quote from

The Pellicer company wants to transform the marijuana buying experience from plastic bags sold on street corners, to glass containers sold in well outfitted stores. Pellicer is attempting to turn into the Starbucks of weed. Planning to open their first retail store in Washington within the next year, or as soon as possible. Currently there is no national marijuana brand leaving the market open to any who wish to create one.
Some are speculating that instead of turning into a pot industry titan, Jamen Shively (founder of Diego Pellicer) may be securing himself a spot in federal prison. “The guy’s out of his mind,” said Earnie Blackmon chief executive of a chain of marijuana dispensaries in Denver. What happens with his brand will reflect much upon how hard the federal government cracks down on it


Staying Safe – Avoid Getting Busted for Marijuana Possession

by art - September 17th, 2013

SM113~Chief-Wiggum-PostersNext week I’ll be going to a benefit fundraiser for a local guy who is looking at jail time for growing medicine. That’s right…he had some beautiful marijuana plants growing in his backyard and was busted by local police. What kind of insane law makes a part of nature illegal? As Bill Hicks once said “Making pot illegal is like saying God made a mistake.”.  I’m sure most of the readers of this blog would agree. In the meantime we are stuck in a bizarre situation of having to hide like criminals whenever we light up. What’s worse, we can be thrown into jail at any time for it.

How does one stay safe? Growers and dealers really need to research this subject thoroughly. If you grow or deal and have not seriously studied and thought about your security please stop whatever you are doing and research it now! You are likely compromising your safety and freedom in some serious ways, Sometime in the future I may write such a guide, but this article is aimed at the common user. The vast majority of pot busts are for simple possession. How can you not be one of these unfortunates?   This is a actually pretty easy to do. The first thing is to know the laws in your state/country. I refer you to norml. For most, this will give you the motivation to take not getting busted seriously. And it will also let you know the amounts where if you do get caught it’s not so bad.

So what are some of the things you can do to stay safe? The first thing is to realize that the majority of people get busted during a routine traffic stop. There are some key elements that will keep you safe: When you drive don’t bring pot unless you really need to. If you do, bring only what you need. Try to avoid bringing paraphenelia as it is often a more serious crime than the pot itself. HIDE your pot well! A good method is to use a disguise stash can  or a car safe. Whatever you use it should be smell proof as many cops are highly trained to recognize smells. A small mason jar can work well. This is why you should also not make it a habit to smoke in your car regularly. The smell will get in the fabric.

Don’t drive when you’re super baked. It’s stupid and puts others at risk. Also, you’re more likely to do something dumb to get pulled over and you’re more likely to be searched if you are. When you are driving with contraband in the car be smart and obey all traffic laws. Don’t run yellow lights. Don’t speed. Don’t draw any attention to yourself.

Follow these car rules and your chances of getting busted go way way WAY down. If you DO get pulled over remember:

NEVER consent to a search (NEVER!) Be polite, but firm. The cop may get threatening. Politely explain that you are invoking your constitutional rights. Ask them if you are being detained and if not you would like to go on yor way. The copy may try to bully you but stand firm. There is not much they can do about this.

NEVER say anything incriminating. By law you don’t have to say anything to a cop but your name and address. If you are arrested never say anything except that you want to speak to a lawyer. Cops may say they’ll go easier on you if you cooperate. This is bullshit. They are not your friend and likely will bust you as hard as they possibly can no matter what you say or don’t say. You have your rights!

Hopefully you will never be in a situation where you have to invoke your rights but it’s good to know them. Take a few minutes and read the bill of rights , particularly amendment 4.

If you buy your supply, be very careful! Many small time dealers houses come under surveillance. Plus you need to drive home with it so it is always ideal to get the dealer to come to you. Many will! If you do need to drive home reread the rules above about driving with pot. I was busted once for pot during a pullover. After that I started following the rules above and have never had any issues since then. I have had requests to search my car that I have successfully denied (even when I don’t have anything I refuse). It pays to know your rights!

There is a growing trend to purchase marijuana (and other substances via mail order). I consider mail order to be one of the least dangerous ways to buy marijuana in smaller quantities. If the packager is careful and vacuum seals it properly, the odd of the contents being found out are very small. When they do find small quantities, the usual penalty is they throw it away. If for some reason they want to try to bust the person it was addressed to they will do a “controlled delivery” and have a cop disguised as a a mailman show up with the package for you to sign for it. No decent online pot dealer is going to make anyone sign for anything. So if you do order pot online and they show up at your door for you to sign for it you’ll know something’s up so just refuse to sign. Say you have no idea who it is on the address label. What are they going to say? No signature = no possession. This one loophole makes buying online a pretty safe bet. But if you are only ordering small amounts there is a high probability that they will just toss it. They may or may not send you a letter.

Of course you can get ripped off buying online but that is a subject for another article. All I’ll say is if you are buying on online black market sites look at the vendors ratings and comments closely and never, ever, (ever) finalize early!  There are also many legitimate mail order marijuana vendors like the medicine man dispensary.

I’d like to close by saying what I think is the safest route and that is growing your own stash. You can do this easily in a closet. With a very small investment you can be growing your own. And if you can resist the urge to tell everyone about it it is also very safe to grow small amounts like that. But you have to keep your mouth shut!! Tell NO ONE if at all possible. If anyone is pissed off at you and knows you grow you could have a serious problem. A good percentage of grow busts come from tips from jilted lovers. True!

Growing is also a great hobby and I highly recommend doing it. Stay safe!!!


Stoned Driving

by Felix Glow - May 27th, 2013

cheechnchong From a cops perspective whether they are pro legalization or not, one of the biggest problems with pot is driving intoxicated. Driving while high is not nearly as dangerous as driving while drunk, a high driver is likely to be pulled over for going to slow. Whereas a drunk driver is likely to be pulled out of a ditch with burning rubble surrounding them. In Colorado, a DUI bill has already been passed to reprimand stoned drivers. In Washington those assigned to the task are developing a DUI bill, testing to see how much pot is too much.
Having a DUI bill specifically for marijuana is a good step towards safe smoking. However if you were pulled over stoned how would the cop know 100% that you are actually stoned? Soon there will be a way, probably as you read researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse are working to create a marijuana breathalyzer. Not just our government is working on this, even the Swedes are on the case. Normally to show marijuana chemically in a persons system you would have to either take a blood or urine test, in a matter of months this could all change. Although, said breathalyzer would most likely not be 100% accurate and would have to have all the bugs worked out before actually being dispensed to cops.
From breathalyzers to saliva tests marijuana detection technology is getting better by the day. Once THC detection can be even more acurate, we will start to see stricter marijuana DUI bills. Such as possibly having a thc blood limit, like the current .8% alcohol blood limit that would get you a DUI. Stoned driving is a question of safety for all. Drive safe everyone.


Hemp Paper

by Felix Glow - May 17th, 2013

hemppaperThe paper problem is yet another in the endless list of problems that legalizing industrial hemp could completely solve. According to a report by The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2005 the earths total forest area decreased at about 32,000,000 acres a year. I’m going to give you a minute to imagine the extreme mass that 32,000,000 acres is, that’s about 35,200,000 football fields. As many of you may or may not know hemp is a wonderful way to generate paper, as it can be made into some of the finest paper imaginable. So good in fact that the constitution to the United States of America was written on hemp paper. Only a few countries actually increased their forest cover. A few to mention, Israel increased their cover by 4.9% whereas Ireland increased cover by 3% and The U.S only increased forest cover by a measly .2%

Paper is produced from pushing together moist fibers usually cellulose pulp derived from wood, however other plants such as hemp produce cellulose pulp as well. After the fibers have been pressed sufficiently they are then dried into flexible sheets. What most don’t know is that one acre of hemp can produce nearly 4.1x as much cellulose fiber as one acre of trees would. At this rate ALL of the rainforests could be gone in a hundred years, all so we could consume as much paper as we desired. The real problem here is not the overconsumption of paper but rather the unsustainable methods that are used to create the paper in the first place. If industrial hemp was made legal every day instead of forest cover across the globe decreasing it would reverse and begin to increase! The trees of the globe could take a breath and begin to retake the land that was once theirs.

Not only is hemp used to produce the cellulose in far more efficient methods than wood, it is sustainable. Sustainable is the key word for everyone right now, mainly due to the fact of how extremely unsustainable the human race is across the globe currently. Hemp is a big part of the sustainable revolution, think about it this way; if all paper production was switched to using cellulose instead of wood than 32 million acres of trees a year could be saved. Not only could they be saved but all the hemp used in the process could simply be replanted and harvested again the next year. Whereas with trees after being harvested take decades to grow to full maturity. This paper problem is big, but no problem is too big for a solution, always remember that.


We the People, Cannabis and Chronic Pain

by venus - May 10th, 2013

i-love-marihuana-chronic-pain-300x224Below is a link to an excellent powerpoint presentation on Cannabis and the treatment of chronic pain.  It is a detailed explanation of how Cannabis relieves pain written by two medical doctor/researchers.  Other than their statement that pharmacists MUST be involved in dispensing and advising Cannabis use, and the idea they present that taking this should always be done legally, I found the presentation to be illuminating and well informed and immensely inspiring!  While it would be optimal if we could go to a pharmacist to receive assistance with using Cannabis for pain, and if this medicine was accepted as legal and in fact a right of being human to use, this is not possible for every person in every state due to the restrictions currently now imposed on We The People being able to use this healing plant without being harassed by the governments regressive attitude toward complete legalization.


A Possible Repeal in Colorado Threatens Marijuana Legalization

by art - May 2nd, 2013

repeal coloradoLegalization in Colorado has taken a turn for the worse as a new proposal is now under discussion in state legislature. Last November the citizens voted for legal marijuana, and won with a 55% vote. However this new proposal would place a repeal measure on amendment 64 (said amendment that makes cannabis legal). Although no bill has actually been introduced yet, that didn’t stop advocates holding press conference after press conference on Friday in Denver Colorado. Lawmakers have stated that said proposal would only be introduced to legislature if voters didn’t approve new pot taxes in the state. These taxes would be needed to fund everything and anything involved with marijuana regulation.

Clearly the American people are on the side of marijuana legalization. A recent poll states that 52% voted in favor of legalization, 41% against and 7% undecided. However the federal government is yet to take a clear stance on the two legal states disobeying federal law. Although it seems as if the president isn’t too concerned about the new laws, stating that “we’ve got bigger fish to fry.” It is estimated that there are only 4,400 DEA agents, not nearly enough to be able to control a grow your own share your own market. Such a market could easily occur without tight marijuana regulations.

Whether or not the federal government is extremely opposed to the subject of legal marijuana, the decision is in the people’s hands. In an ideal world congress would be attempting to rewrite the controlled substances act. They could reclassify marijuana as the low risk drug it is. As for now it is in the states hands to write new legislation regarding the herb. Hopefully it won’t be a huge state/federal struggle as it was in California when medical marijuana was first legalized.


The Marijuana Tax Act of 2012

by Felix Glow - April 24th, 2013

marijuana taxAs you may or may not already know marijuana is now legal in Colorado under Amendment 64 or the regulate marijuana like alcohol act of 2012. What this means is that although marijuana is legalized, they are going to attempt a marijuana tax it like alcohol. That means millions of tax dollars a year in revenue for the state of Colorado. Christian Sederberg has proposed that the first 40 million generated by marijuana taxing should be used to improve as well as build new public schools. I believe that once the other states start to see what massive tax revenue can be gained by taxing and regulating the herb just like alcohol, many will attempt to legalize it.

It is estimated that there will be a marijuana tax between 30-40%. To give a relative example, the average gas prices in my neighborhood for today are about $3.80. The average fuel taxes across the U.S as of January 2013 are about 30 cents to the gallon. 3.8 divided by .3 = 12.66, so that means that gas is taxed in my area at around 12.5% a gallon. Now hopefully you will be able to understand the magnitude of what a 40% tax could mean for marijuana prices at certified stores. Of course better heavily taxed and legal than not taxed and illegal.

A problem that those assigned to taxing the herb is that they have to find the sweet spot between too expensive and too cheap. For if the prices for cannabis are ridiculously high then some officials fear most could rely on illegal methods of buying the substance. Of course the fact that all adults over the age of 21 can legally grow six plants in their home makes this an altogether rational fear. For if not enough people buy legal weed then the administration could collapse due to lack of funding.

Colorado certainly has a lot of challenges to face in their effort to legalize the herb. From marijuana tax to regulating they have a lot to sort out, but I am confident in them. Not to mention federal opposition the bill could have. Most is uncertain in Colorado, but the beacon of pot smokers statewide will serve as a moral buffer for any who are too uncertain.