How You Can Buy Weed Online

Buy Weed Online

buy weed onlineDid you know that you can buy weed online safely? I’m not talking about “spice” or any other fake “legal” buds. I am talking about medical grade AAA pot straight from Humboldt County! It is not only possible to buy marijuana online but it is very easy to do so.

The More Advanced Method to Buy Weed

If you are tech savvy you may wish to visit Silk Road. This web site is a sort of ebay for drugs and other black market items. It resides on the “deep web” which is accessible only through a special browser called TOR. You can download TOR here and it is pretty easy to set up and use.  When you get the TOR firefox browser going visit https://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion and setup an account. You will then need to buy some bitcoins. First you will need a bitcoin wallet. I recommend Electrum. When you have your wallet set up you need to buy the bitcoins and send them to your wallet. Some great places are Ziggap, Coinbase and cryptocurrent. Once you have bitcoins in your wallet you then send these to your Silk Road wallet (available in your account dashboard). Then you can shop. The advantages of Silk Road are their escrow system and wide selection. And there are plenty of other things besides weed!

An Easier Method to Buy Weed Online

If all of that is too much for you, visit our Online Dispensary to buy weed online.  We offer a great selection of high quality, medical grade marijuana for you to choose from. Unlike Silk Road, buying from us is easy. You can pay with cash at any moneygram location (Walmart, CVS, 7-11 and many more).

Our web site is on a “hidden” server for security and so you have to click through to get to it, Also expect it to load more slowly than regular web sites. When you click the link you will see this:


To visit Medicine Man’s Online Dispensary Click here

(note: Our dispensary is NOT on this server)