Driving Stoned

From a cops perspective whether they are pro legalization or not, one of the biggest problems with pot is driving intoxicated. Driving while high is not nearly as dangerous as driving while drunk, a high driver is likely to be pulled over for going to slow. Whereas a drunk driver is likely to be pulled out of a ditch with burning rubble surrounding them. In Colorado, a DUI bill has already been passed to reprimand stoned drivers. In Washington those assigned to the task are developing a DUI bill, testing to see how much pot is too much.
Having a DUI bill specifically for marijuana is a good step towards safe smoking. However if you were pulled over stoned how would the cop know 100% that you are actually stoned? Soon there will be a way, probably as you read researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse are working to create a marijuana breathalyzer. Not just our government is working on this, even the Swedes are on the case. Normally to show marijuana chemically in a persons system you would have to either take a blood or urine test, in a matter of months this could all change. Although, said breathalyzer would most likely not be 100% accurate and would have to have all the bugs worked out before actually being dispensed to cops.
From breathalyzers to saliva tests marijuana detection technology is getting better by the day. Once THC detection can be even more acurate, we will start to see stricter marijuana DUI bills. Such as possibly having a thc blood limit, like the current .8% alcohol blood limit that would get you a DUI. Stoned driving is a question of safety for all. Drive safe everyone.

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