Marijuana Reform: Coming to Your Town Soon!

Marijuana reform is coming! Across the board marijuana advocates are screaming from the mountaintops to legalize and our government is hearing us loud and clear. Currently eighteen states accept the fact as law that cannabis is highly medicinal, healing ailments from cancer to back pain. However, only two of our fifty states currently is it legal to posses marijuana and only one of those two can you grow it legally. But never fear my toking amigos, for the legalization movement is on the move. From cities to states, legalization is just within reach.
Portland Maine: cannabis is already legalized for medical use, but for the citizens of Portland that just doesn’t cut it. The Portland Green Independent Committee is going to attempt to legalize marijuana for recreational use in their home town of Portland ME. The chairmen of said committee plans to deliver the legalization request to the city clerk, once said clerk certifies the petition it will be good to go. However, it isn’t as simple as that, once it is certified, they will require 1,500 signatures and after that the entire city will have to vote. The town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas has already succeeded in making marijuana the “lowest law enforcement priority”. While many states and cities have decriminalized the plant this would be the first individual city to actually legalize it.
Enough with the towns, what about states? Hawaii is on the move, a new bill was recently and unanimously was passed to decriminalize marijuana throughout the state. Pam Lichty, President of the Drug Policy Action Group stated that a massive 81% of voters support cannabis legalization. Hawaii is taking a step in the right direction, and I have no doubts in my mind that it will be legalized in this state, as well as many others.
The winds of marijuana reform are blowing, currently 6 states have pending bills to legalize cannabis, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Marlyand recently entered the fray. Once other states who are not so inclined to legalize see how much annual money is being generated from this herb, I believe that they will start working on their bills from that moment on. It is estimated that legalized states will tax up to $70 an ounce, an outstanding amount.
Whether you live in one of these states or a red state like North Carolina, the marijuana reform legalization movement is coming to YOU.

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