More Healing With Cannabis

An important way in which cannabis oil can help in the healing of any condiDreaming-Blonde-Girltion is realized through its ability to stimulate dreaming while awake.   While on the oil individuals like Marie, who took Phoenix Tears as part of her cancer protocol, have reported that they have stopped dreaming at night. Their dreaming, I believe, was taking place throughout the day. This ability to enter the dream state known as Alpha offers the benefit of being able to dream while being conscious.  If one adopts the theory that disease begins in the brain, we can change the way we think about an affliction in a way that creates change in the dense matter of our flesh and blood.

Great changes in body, mind and spirit can happen as a result of being able to more fully and creatively imagine a world in which one is completely healed. The positive emotions that are generated from this ability can help to release the mind from feeling such emotions as frustration, impatience, despondency, fear, anger and guilt.  Cannabis comes as a great Mother teacher to show us how to generate self love so that the body might benefit from this compassionate nurturing.

It has been shown through the work of Louise Hays and many others, that consciously creating visualizations and repeating affirmations aligns the vibration of the body with new and positive outcomes. This ability to create a positive, clear vision of healing in the brain serves as a catalyst for the changes in the mental and emotional landscape that are crucial in being able to create a new reality that involves complete and radical healing. Additionally, this ability helps in a person’s ability to feel calmer and optimistic and to feel comfort and states of bliss even in the midst of great suffering.   Marie went from a beginning when she could just barely imagine getting through the next day due to debilitating fear and bouts of intense pain, to being able to create a reality in which not only was she completely healed, but rejuvenated, renewed, and stronger than she has been since birth as all the places of pain and fear and doubt have been fleshed out and replaced with empowering, positive outcomes.


Thus in addition to Cannabis Oil causing cell death of cancer cells, it also assists the mind and body to create healing through the power of the imagination.

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