A Possible Repeal in Colorado Threatens Marijuana Legalization

Legalization in Colorado has taken a turn for the worse as a new proposal is now under discussion in state legislature. Last November the citizens voted for legal marijuana, and won with a 55% vote. However this new proposal would place a repeal measure on amendment 64 (said amendment that makes cannabis legal). Although no bill has actually been introduced yet, that didn’t stop advocates holding press conference after press conference on Friday in Denver Colorado. Lawmakers have stated that said proposal would only be introduced to legislature if voters didn’t approve new pot taxes in the state. These taxes would be needed to fund everything and anything involved with marijuana regulation.

Clearly the American people are on the side of marijuana legalization. A recent poll states that 52% voted in favor of legalization, 41% against and 7% undecided. However the federal government is yet to take a clear stance on the two legal states disobeying federal law. Although it seems as if the president isn’t too concerned about the new laws, stating that “we’ve got bigger fish to fry.” It is estimated that there are only 4,400 DEA agents, not nearly enough to be able to control a grow your own share your own market. Such a market could easily occur without tight marijuana regulations.

Whether or not the federal government is extremely opposed to the subject of legal marijuana, the decision is in the people’s hands. In an ideal world congress would be attempting to rewrite the controlled substances act. They could reclassify marijuana as the low risk drug it is. As for now it is in the states hands to write new legislation regarding the herb. Hopefully it won’t be a huge state/federal struggle as it was in California when medical marijuana was first legalized.

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