The Best States to Legally and Illegally Grow Marijuana

Growing marijuana illegally is a very serious federal crime, as well as in most cases being a serious state crime. On a federal level growing as few as a couple of plants, up to growing fifty plants is a felony. Getting busted growing on a federal level can land you up to five years in prison, as well as a $250,000 fine. Avoiding federal laws are impossible, but you can try to find the state with the least strict laws around cultivation to minimize jail time and fines if you do get caught. In almost every state growing marijuana in any amount is a felony and can land you anywhere from two to five years in jail. There are however a few exceptions.

If you are looking to grow marijuana simply for personal use three different states as well as DC will let you do this legally. In DC you can legally grow six plants in your home, however only three out of the six plants may be mature at any given time. If you have roommates they may also grow marijuana, however there may be no more than twelve plants per household with no more than six being mature at any time.

Oregon allows you to grow no more than four plants in your home legally. Growing more than four, but less than eight can get you six months in jail as well as a $2,500 fine. However growing any more than eight plants in your house is a felony and is punishable by a prison sentence of up to five years.

Alaska is an excellent state for growing marijuana legally as you can grow up to twenty five plants in your residence no questions asked ! Once you exceed the twenty five plant limit the crime goes straight to a felony which can land you up to five years in jail.

Colorado is one of the best states to grow marijuana illegally. You can of course grow six plants in your house without breaking the law. Once you pass the six plant mark, as long as you are growing less than thirty plants the maximum sentence is two years in prison as well as a $100,000 fine. Any more than thirty and you are looking at a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

Maine is the best state to grow marijuana illegally in, hands down. You can’t grow any marijuana legally (unless you have a medical marijuana card) but the penalties for illegal grow operations are very minimal in comparison to other states. Growing five plants or less can give you a maximum of six months in prison and a $1000 fine. Growing between six and one hundred plants is listed as a class D crime and can land you up to a year in jail as well as a $2,000 fine. After the one hundred plant mark growing turns in a class C crime, which is punishable by up to five years in prison. (however it is still not considered a felony)

If you’re looking to grow marijuana illegally, Maine looks like the place to go. It is the only state where growing more than twenty five plants in your house doesn’t land you two or more years in jail. However there are cases where growing twenty five or more plants in Maine can land you five years in prison. If you get charged with ‘aggravated cultivation’, getting charged with aggravated cultivation worsens the offense of growing significantly. Aggravating factors are

  • Selling marijuana to a minor
  • Defendant possesses a firearm in furtherance of the offense
  • The defendant enlists the help of or conspires with a minor
  • The crime takes place within one thousand feet of a school or drug free zone
  • The defendant has one or more prior marijuana related convictions

So if you do plan on growing marijuana illegally in Maine, make sure you don’t have any prior marijuana related convictions or do any of the other things listed.

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