Sex and Cannabis

Cannabis has been a known aphrodisiac for thousands of years, but even today we are still uncovering the workings behinds its ability to increase sexual desire. Marijuana and sexual function are still somewhat of a mystery, very few studies have been conducted on the su bject. Cannabis has not only shown to increase sexual desire but also heighten sexual pleasure.

In a 1983 study published in the Journal of Sex Research, approximately half of the college-aged students reported an increase in sexual desire for someone they knew when under the influence of cannabis. The study also showed that cannabis use was associated with more frequent sexual activity as well as a higher number of sexual partners. Subjects of the study were mostly heterosexual, and over two-thirds of subjects reported that they had increased sexual pleasure while on cannabis.

Another good reason to ingest ganja before having sex is that marijuana can help when trying to achieve orgasms. The CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system of the brain becomes activated when smoking cannabis. And when the CB1 receptor is activated, sexual arousal is increased. The CB1 receptor is essentially involved in improving tactile sensations as well as general euphoria. So basically, when you toke up it has the potential to give you a good body high and increase physical stimulation.

While this is completely anecdotal, many have claimed that orgasms are not only easier to achieve, but they are also more intense while high. In addition to this, one of the many effects cannabis has is disturbing natural time perception. When high, time can be distorted making minutes feel longer than normal. This can make it feel like orgasms are lasting longer than they actually are.

One key when smoking cannabis for enhanced sexual pleasure is to get the right strain. Most sexologists interested in the subject agree that sativa strains are the way to go. They typically create happy, energetic, euphoric feelings. If you’re looking for a good strain to smoke with your partner and buying cannabis legally, don’t be afraid to ask your dispensary what strains they would recommend!

If you don’t feel like smoking cannabis, you can always try applying a topical oil. There are a few different brands currently manufacturing cannabis infused coconut and olive oils. From cannabis infused oils and massage oil to lube, dispensaries usually have it all. Since cannabis can be absorbed through the skin, topical cannabis oils can increase the sensory experience of touch. These oils, however, are completely localized (where you apply them) as well as nonpsychoactive. While they do have the potential to make sex feel better, they won’t give you a full body and head high that many have attributed marijuana aphrodisiac effect.

Overall, most evidence suggests that cannabis makes sex better. However, there haven’t really been any conclusive studies to confirm this.


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