All About Vape Cartridges

If you haven’t heard about the latest craze in cannabis vaping technology, this article should give you a good rundown on the situation. Oil vape cartridges can be on the expensive side, typically ranging between $20 and $60 with each containing between a half a gram and a full gram of oil. They are extremely lightweight, small, easily portable, very potent, and discrete. These cartridges screw onto a base that is usually around the size of a normal pen. So just what are the benefits of using these cartridges compared to other methods of ingesting cannabis oil?

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They are very easy to use. After purchasing a cartridge it can essentially be used immediately anywhere. Using a dab rig to smoke oil can be a very messy process that requires multiple pieces of equipment. In addition to this other portable oil vapes often need to be loaded with every use. Whereas oil cartridges come preloaded and typically last a long time (depending on how much you use it obviously). Oil cartridge vapes are also quite portable and discrete, they weigh practically nothing and the smoke doesn’t smell nearly as strong as a normal dab hit would.

Another pro of using oil cartridges compared to dabbing or ingesting other ways is a controlled dosage. While if you wanted to you could weigh out specifically dosed dabs, its usually a pretty big pain. And especially for newer smokers, getting too high on cannabis oil can be quite unpleasant. With oil cartridges, you can get pens that will release the same amount of vapor with every hit. How these usually work is when you hit the pen you will only be able to inhale for a set period of time before they automatically stop releasing vapor.

Alright so you’ve decided you want to try one of these pens out, but which one? When you go to buy your first pen there are often a variety of options to go with. The vast majority of cannabis oil cartridges are formatted with a 510 thread. So as long as you get a battery (pen) that has 510 threading, you should be good to go. Some vape cartridges come with disposable batteries that are designed to have enough charge to finish the cartridge. These types of disposable cartridges have no threading, and the tank will never be separated from the battery. I would, however, recommend getting a base that has a rechargeable battery but make sure to look at some reviews because some of these bases hit better than others.

Another factor to consider when picking out the cartridge itself is what exactly is inside it. Depending on the brand and type of oil you get some cartridges are cut with additives such a glycol, glycerin, etc. Due to some health concerns regarding these additives, there have been fewer cartridges containing them being sold as of late. They are still around, however, so when buying make sure to get either distillate, c02 oil, or oil infused with terpenes instead of other additives.

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