Smoking Weed Without the Smell

We’ve all been there, you wanna smoke weed somewhere but you don’t want anyone else to find out. Whether you still live with your parents, have some roommates who disapprove or maybe you’re at a hotel. Whatever the case this article will cover all of the tips you need to keep your cannabis consumption on the down-low. 

Before I cover how to minimize and get rid of the smell of smoked cannabis, I should say the easiest and most discreet way to consume it would be vaporizers. Nowadays vaping has become almost more commonplace than smoking. It’s extremely discrete, can be portable depending on the type of vaporizer you use, and has virtually no smell. So if you’re looking to get your THC fix without anyone knowing, that would definitely be my first recommendation.

However, if you really want to get your smoke on, I definitely have some tips for you. The first and most obvious step would be to turn on any fans in your room and open a window. The second less obvious would be to buy an air purifier if possible. Getting an air purifier that either has an activated charcoal or carbon filter can help reduce the smell of smoke significantly. It is essentially an odor destroy that also helps make the air in your home cleaner and better to breathe. And they can also look pretty cool, (insert picture)

Well my friends the days of sticking dryer sheets inside of an empty paper towel roll are officially over. For those who don’t know, blowing your smoke through one of these handmade contraptions have helped teenagers smoke in their rooms for generations. But technology has finally begun to catch up, introducing the Smoke Buddy! It’s a pretty cut and dry device, essentially you blow your hits into it and it almost completely filters all of the odor out.

If you’re in a hotel room the best place to smoke is definitely the bathroom. Tile floors won’t hold the odor in the same way a carpet would. Although it’s definitely not recommended to smoke in hotel rooms, turning on the shower and blowing your hits directly into the running water is a great way to minimize the smell.

Some other quick tips:

  1. Put a wet/damp towel under your door as it can help to minimize any bits of odor trying to escape.
  2. Light incense, scented candles, and use air purifiers such as Ozium or Febreze.
  3. Changing your clothes after smoking, brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, and any other ways you can think of to ‘freshen up’ will help to reduce and last bits of odor lingering on you.

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