The differences between Indica and Sativa strains

Indica vs Sativa – Which way to go? Marijuana is an extremely diverse plant, thousands of different strains are grown every year. The number of strains that can exist in the end are infinite, because growers can continuously cross breed different strains with each other, creating new strains. From Purple OG Kush, to Juicy Fruit, the strains just keep being created. Strains have a certain specificity to them, they can either be pure breeds of sativa or indica, or a strain can be a combination of the two. What is really different about Indica strains and sativa strains, is the CDB:THC ratio, I’m about to tell you all about it.

Strains of Cannabis Indica, will always have a higher CBD:THC ratio, up to 4-5 times that of sativa strains! If you are prone to getting anxiety attacks while high, Indica strains are right for you, because it is usually high thc strains that can cause anxiety, paranoia, etc. If you know anything about medical marijuana, you probably know that Indica strains are usually more medical, often having a very sedative affect. Due to this affect, smokers usually prefer to smoke Indica at night, to have a very relaxing and calming affect on them after a hard days work.


Sativa strains on the other hand have quite the opposite affect, it stimulates the mind, giving a very enjoyable cerebral high. Cannabis sativa is also used medically, often for psychological disorders, small doses every day have been known to keep at bay (sometimes even cure) many psychological problems. You will find that when smoking sativa as opposed to indica your brain will be stimulated, if you have a headache it will float away in a cloud and you will find your belly rumbling for food. While having mostly THC, some of the CBD compound is found in Cannabis sativa, and vice versa for


It can be hard to find pure 100% indica or 100% sativa strains, most of the time your bud is going to be a hybrid of the two. Although it is easier to find strains that are sativa or indica dominant, if you want one affect or the other. In the end, the sativa vs. indica debate really comes down to subjective personal preference, personally I like them both just the same. However I certainly wouldn’t wake’nbake with an indica!

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