The Top 5 Ways to not Get Caught Smoking Weed

You don’t want to get caught smoking weed…trust me on that one! Here’s is how to do it:

1    Look square. This is very key for not getting caught, if you smell like weed and your wearing a tie die and funky necklaces etc. Your likely to get searched by any passing asshole cop. However, if your clean cut and you’ve got a tie on, your far less likely to become under suspicion. Just simply don’t look like someone who would smoke, it’s easy enough to say, but another thing to do.

2    Obey all laws except the ones your breaking. Think about it this way, you smell like pot and you run a stop sign. Blue lights flash behind you and pull you over, the cop come up to your window, gets a good smell and BAM your busted. If you don’t run any stop signs or street lights, if you don’t do illegal U-turns your far less likely to get caught.

3    Be aware, this is key. Very simple things can give you away, maybe your smoking down some alley and the wind is blowing the wrong way, right to the publics nose’s. Passing bowls back and forth isn’t your best bet either, because the lighter lighting can be visible up to a mile away! Be aware of all your surroundings, make a contingency plan if a cop were to arrive, a good place to toss your bowl etc.

4    In public, smoke those J’s. Joint’s are your best bet for a few reasons –
1- easily edible. 2- no paraphernalia 3- blending in with cigarette smokers is a piece of cake. 4- Only light once, so as not to draw attention to yourself. If a cop sneaks up on you smoking a bowl, they can charge you with paraphernalia and marijuana. If they sneak up on you smoking a joint, you eat it immediately, no possessions charge.

5    Another critical step in not getting busted is this, DON’T SMOKE IN THE CAR! Every year it gets easier and easier for cops to obtain search warrants, and they can search your car under probable cause. Under certain circumstances they can even vacuum your car and see if they find any THC particles. The smoke will also get into the fabric of your car, making it reek for days. Just stop by your local park, take a puff, keep driving.

I hope my tips help you not get busted one day!

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