Does holding in your smoke get you higher?

If your new to smoking marijuana, chances are you have a lot of questions about the subject. Many people have asked me this very question: does holding pot smoke in your hits get you higher? The most simplistic of answers is thus, after 5-7 seconds, holding really does not get you higher. But from person to person the answer will change. I’ve met stoners who hold in their hits till everything is absorbed into their lungs, and they exhale no smoke.

Those who are new to the smoking arena probably won’t be able to hold in their hits as long as an experienced smoker, even if they wanted to. After 7 seconds however at least 80% of the thc has been absorbed into your lungs, so after that point you will be collecting extra tar into your lungs for almost nothing. Some people claim that they hold their hits in for 30 seconds to even a minute! They say that this gets them quite high, however they are not taking into account the scientific aspect of this. The reason is gets them higher is due to lack of oxygen, but for those of us who wish to keep our braincells intact, we blow our hits out in under 10 seconds.

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