One of My Heros: Rick Simpson

I am so grateful that I have been able to cure cancer with the help of Rick Simpson! And while I did have surgery to remove a tumor that had progressed too far, I was able to heal the cancerous cells in my body through entirely natural means. While diet and attitude, supplementation and energy medicine have been a huge part of my process, I feel that my ability to heal in just seven months from a cancerous situation in my body to healed and healthy body can largely be attributed to my use of Cannabis Oil, or Phoenix Tears.

My partner discovered Phoenix Tears. In his research to help heal my body, he came across a video on U-tube by a Canadian, Rick Simpson. Mr. Simpson has dedicated his life to providing cannabis oil, which he called Phoenix Tears after the healing abilities of the tears of the phoenix in the well known children’s magical series, Harry Potter. His discovery of the efficiency of using the oil to cure a condition he suffered from, led to the discovery that cannabis oil can be used to cure a variety of ailments, including Cancer

Mr. Simpson began a crusade in which he grew, processed, distributed and monitored the use of the medicinal plant. His work led to the healing of many issues, including migraines, depression, nerve damage and cancer. His dedication to providing this healing medicine to others led him to offer the oil at no charge as well as his services as a healing coach. Rick Simpson came under the attack of various interests in commerce and government who wanted to shut down his “illegal” operation. For Mr. Simpson, the fact that such a potent medicine was illegal was tragic and a crime against the people. I feel his launching of his grassroots program to get the medicine to those who needed it reveals him as a great hero of our times. My admiration for Mr. Simpson’s work grows with each day that I realize with greater depth how this plant has helped me to heal cancer and as I witness the variety of ways that this amazing healing plant ameliorates suffering.

As a result of his openness about what he was doing and his insistence that he should be able to do this work without persecution, openly, so that as many people as possible could benefit, he was eventually driven out of Canada under the threat of imprisonment. He has spent his life since touring Europe, spreading information about the healing properties of Cannabis. To this day he is barred by this threat from returning to his home and continuing his great work among his neighbors, friends and fellow citizens

What Rick Simpson and subsequently others, including leading scientists, have discovered is that Cannabis Indicas has constituents that actually cause apostosis, or cell death, in cancer cells without damaging the body’s healthy cells. The Cannabanoids in the plant are met by cannaboid receptor cells in our brains and liver. Cells that receive the cannabanoid molecule and intregrate it in order to stimulate healing. Other properties help the healing process as well. Cannabis has been known to calm the nervous system and muscular system, to alleviate pain, to stimulate imaginative abilities, and to create in the psyche a euphoria that helps one rise up to and maintain the optimism and ability to visualize one’s healing and catalyze the brain toward healing the body.

Thank you Rick Simpson for helping me to live!

Peace. Love and Harmony,


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