Marijuana and PMS

I have been smoking pot since I was sixteen.  I feel this is one of the reasons that I have experienced easy menstrual cycles throughout my life. .

Of course, diet has a lot to do with preventing or alleviating PMS.  As I grew and learned, I was able to lessen the symptoms of bloating, irritability, cramping and pain through avoidance of caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates and by making sure I ate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables,  raw fats, and plenty of water. All this I feel helped me to reduce the discomfort often associated with menstruation and to actually enjoy the process of stopping for awhile, looking within and releasing the emotional or mental baggage that I no longer needed and which lingered in my tissues until I felt ready to let it all go.

Having experienced a recent journey with cancer, I understand well how old trauma can linger in our bodies and cause health problems due to the stress of keeping negative thoughts and emotions alive in our being.  Menstruation gives us the opportunity to release trauma every month as we release the blood and tissue that is not needed for the creation of a child.  With this release of our creative potential we can experience our deepest griefs, our most intense fears, the anxiety we have carried over the years and which seemed to have settled into our personalities until we think we are the stressed out, emotionally volatile, yes bitchy person we appear to be.

The release of such energies takes a lot out of us even as it helps to heal us.  For me, each month this release was facilitated by the ease and comfort that smoking  marijuana offered.  Not only did it help my body to relax and breathe into the intensity of emotion and thought that I was experiencing, but marijuana also provided anti-inflammatory relief for my swollen belly, as well as release from muscular tension, cramping and pain.  Marijuana would help me to sleep deeply during my Moon Time as I liked to refer to it as this time is when we women are in our natural state aligned in our bodies with the cycles of the moon.  In alleviating my discomfort, pain and tension, I would feel a lessening of stress and anxiety which helped my body to just relax into the experience and even enjoy it.  Additionally the positive feelings generated by smoking  pot would give me a sense of everything being right in the world as well as stimulate my creativity which would help me to express my deep feelings in a concrete and healing way.

Today I am no longer menstruating as due to surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, I lost my reproductive organs.  As cannabis has helped me to let go of and heal the cancer in my body, it has also helped me to alleviate the symptoms of early menopause, including much of the grief over losing my ability to bear children.  But that is the topic for a future post. For now, know that marijuana is a great helper to women who experience PMS or discomfort during menstruation.  I know it has been of enormous value to me!

If you are interested in trying out marijuana to alleviate your PMS, I can recommend the following strain, Grand Daddy Purple, or GDP.  Its indica nature creates a potent anti-inflammatory and pain relieving strain that is particularly good for helping with the symptoms of PMS.  You can see more about this strain by clicking on the link below:

I wish you much growth, relief and as much green as you need for your healing.

Peace, Love and Harmony,


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