Marijuana and Scientific Testing

I am so inspired by discovering the existence of the following group which is set up to provide scientific testing of Cannabis for Medical use.  While we here at Cannabis Corner know that marijuana has amazing healing properties, the medical establishment has not fully embraced this healing tool.  Over and over again I have heard doctors and others state how there are no “proper” studies to “prove” that cannabis is effective and that anecdotal evidence (stories) are not enough to make most of  the medical community really take notice and begin prescribing.  Scientific, double bind studies are what it needed to show those who make medical choices for so many.  It looks like this group is set up to provide that.  If you are so inspired–donate to their organization and help legitimize the use of medical marijuana so that more and more people who need it will have access to it as well as their doctor’s approval.  This is important to help the many who are held back by healing through this herb by the reticence, hostility and disbelief of the medical community.

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