Reasons to Vaporize your Marijuana

To some there isn’t a clear answer as to whether or not smoking marijuana is good or bad for you (physically). Many marijuana advocates claim that marijuana smoke does not cause lung cancer and can even help prevent it. But the general consensus among most people is that smoke is bad for you and your lungs. Regardless of whether or not it’s marijuana, tobacco, or any other kind of smoke. For those of us who wish to avoid potential unnecessary damage to our lungs and health while ingesting cannabis, vaporization can be a pleasant alternative. For those who don’t know, almost all chemicals have a point where they combust, or vaporize. THC and a few other psychoactive chemical compounds in marijuana vape temp is approximately 180 celsius, or around 350 fahrenheit. So once you’re ready to get high, instead of lighting up a joint, preheat your vape to the desired temperature and throw in some bud.

(Image shows a person filling up balloons with marijuana vapor using a Volcano Vaporizer.)

When you vaporize your herb instead of smoking it, you are essentially only inhaling exactly what you want to inhale. The good stuff, cannabinoids, THC, and other chemicals that give you a nice buzz. What you aren’t inhaling is mass amounts of combusted plant material in the form of smoke and carcinogens. Some people can experience slight shortness of breath, wheezing, and other undesirable side effects from smoking cannabis. Although as a whole smoking marijuana isn’t going to kill you, why do it if you don’t have to?

When you vaporize bud you can taste fully taste it, being able to experience the pure subtleties and flavour of the strain. Another great thing is that vaporizing can be more cost effective than smoking. A study conducted by NORML found that good quality vaporizers could convert roughly 45% of THC found in bud into vapour. While smoking a joint converted only approximately 25% of available THC into smoke. Not to mention the fact that once you’re vape bowlpack is cashed, you still have crumbly brown bud leftover. Every time you’re done vaping, throw the vaped bud into a jar. Depending on how much you smoke you should have enough to cook up into edibles in no time. Having a vaporizer at home is great, but you can also get pocket vape pens. Most are small and easy to use as well as discrete. Vapor doesn’t stink up an area the same way smoke does, and for all anyone knows you’re just vaping some nicotine. I would personally feel comfortable vaping out of a vape pen almost anywhere. Unlike a bowl which is far more noticeable and incriminating.

As a whole vaping is great, you get leftover bud to cook with, you inhale more THC than you would smoking, and you get to save your lungs from breathing in carcinogenic smoke. It seems like a win win scenario, but to each his own. Stay high people !

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