Pointers for Growing Marijuana Without Getting Caught

There are many factors that can contribute to getting caught illegally growing weed. For most people getting busted while growing will mean a massive headache, expenses, and usually jail time. There are a variety of different options and things you can do to minimize your risk and possible penalties while growing.

     1. Learn the laws of your state.

Depending on what state you live in various laws and penalties will apply to your grow operation if you do get caught. Penalty factors usually include possession and cultivation charges. Look into the state laws where you live and see how many plants you would need to grow to get say, a felony charge, and grow just under that amount. A great site to get this information from is NORML. http://norml.org/laws

     2. Keep to yourself.

The most often way growers get caught is when a relative, friend, or girlfriend/boyfriend drops the dime on them. When you are running a grow operation you have to keep in mind at all times how extremely illegal what you’re doing is. This means unless you want to risk possibly going to jail, it’s best to keep to yourself about the situation. You might think your friends are trustworthy, but is it ever really worth the risk? One of the most important rules of growing is never tell ANYONE.

     3. Keep your grow room completely contained.

When growing there are multitudes of different factors relating to your grow room that can get you busted. First off there’s smell, when you have multiple marijuana plants in a room, you better count on the fact that they are going to reek. Step one for eliminating the smell problem is to make sure your grow room is air tight. You want the only air that goes in and out of your room to come from your exhaust vents or the door when you have to open it. Installing carbon filters/scrubbers with a fan via an exhaust vent is a must. Essentially you want to force any air in your grow room through a carbon filter, generally this is done using a fan. The carbon filter will completely purify any smell going out, leaving only pure air. The carbon filter of course will need to be changed semi regularly. Step two is making sure that neighbors don’t notice anything or get curious in any way. When you do buy a fan for your carbon filter setup do some research and make sure that it’s not loud. Seeing as how you will be running the fan 24/7 if it is loud people might start to wonder what you’re doing with it. When you buy your fan make sure it’s as quiet as possible. If you get a chance walk around your house a couple times and make sure nothing stands out of the ordinary.

     4. Be discrete.

Be discrete as possible in everything you do relating to your grow. When moving grow supplies into your house try to do it at night time, or in generic containers. If you plan on having company over make sure that your grow room is 100% odorless, as well as taking precautions like locking the door to the room.

5. Use LED lights.

One of the most essential aspects of growing is using LED lights instead of any other type of light bulb. While most other types of light bulbs emit large amounts of heat, LED lights barely emit any. LED lights can be on the expensive side but you will be glad you invested in them when a helicopter with a heat sensor flies by your house and notices nothing. Not to mention the fact that other types of light bulbs can be troublesome when it comes to keeping your grow room cool. In addition LED lights use a fraction of the electricity most other light bulbs use, saving on electricity expenses in the long run. 

As long as you know you’re the only one growing marijuana in your home, your odds of being busted are very minimal. Keep your grow room contained, odorless, don’t let anyone see you bringing grow equipment into your house, and be cautious when ordering seeds online. No one will ever know you’re growing, and no one will ever suspect you’re growing. Be smart and safe.


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