Getting Too High on Cannabis

Maybe it was that edible you took a few hours back, or perhaps the three joints you just smoked, or it might even be the blunt you’re smoking right now. It’s happened to all of us, at one point or another you simply get too high. While getting too high isn’t an extremely common occurrence, it can happen from time to time. Getting too high can often time be an issue for newer users, as they traditionally have relatively low tolerances. Users who are new to ingesting a particular form of cannabis such as concentrates or edibles are also at a higher risk for getting too high. Even if you have a relatively good gauge of your tolerance level and how cannabis usually affects you, it’s hard to accurately judge how high a dab will get you when you’ve never taken one before. But, inevitably you end up taking your first dab some time or another, and while for some it might be a great experience; if you start to feel like the world is turning into molasses you might be a little bit too high.

too high

So you’ve taken your first dab or smoked ten joints in a row, what can you do to come down?

Step 1, just chill. One of cannabis’s more well-known side effects is paranoia, don’t go down that route. Sitting there too high and thinking about all of the bad things that could happen to you is not the option to take. Rest assured cannabis is one of the safest drugs in existence, it is literally impossible to overdose on the substance. Give yourself some time and any ‘too high’ symptoms you may be experiencing will slowly lessen.

Step 2, drink tons of water. If you’re sitting around blazed out of your skull and you feel like somethings missing, it’s probably water. While cannabis doesn’t actively dehydrate you, it’s relatively common for people to get blasted and simply forget to drink. Drinking water can help combat cotton mouth, provides something familiar and calming to do, and overall just makes you feel better.

Step 3, got some black pepper? Anecdotally, black pepper has been known to kill the cannabis high. Eating approximately half a tablespoon of the spice can help to reduce paranoia and anxiety as well as promote a calming effect. While more research needs to be done on black peppers effect on the cannabis high, if you’ve got some kicking around in your kitchen cabinet it’s worth a shot, right?

Step 4, get comfy and rest. Like all drugs, after ingesting cannabis there is a certain period of time in which it will affect you. So, if you feel like you’re ‘too high’ then often times the best option is simply to wait it out. Just keep in mind that any negative symptoms you may be experiencing will pass with time. So, in situations when you’re too high, grab some black pepper, a glass of water, and cuddle up with a blanket. If you’re able to sleep, that is often a good option as most of the time you will wake up feeling much less high than before.

Step 5, do something fun. If you can’t fall asleep, try entertaining yourself with one of your favorite pastimes. A funny show, favorite album, cool hobby, anything you enjoy doing that will distract you is typically a good thing.


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