Don’t get ripped off.

When your buying weed, its easy to get ripped off. Especially if your new to the subject. I’ve had people try to sell me 8ths for $65! The first step to not getting ripped off is knowing your prices. Average prices are  $20 a gram, $50-55 an eighth, $80-100 a quarter, $170-200 a half O, and $300-400 an O. Now you know the prices, so when someone tries to sell you that $65 eighth you’ll be able to call them on it.

The second step to not getting ripped off: buy a scale. In the long run this will actually save you money, you can get a scale for about $10-$15. With a scale, you can take that eighth you paid $55 for and weigh it. This way you can see if your dealer gave you 3.2 grams instead of the full 3.5. By doing this you’ll be able to sort out the bad dealers from the good dealers

The third step to not getting ripped off, is haggling. Haggling is a delicate art. When haggling with dealers you have to identify them first. Do they have more customers than they can handle? Are they broke and need more customers? I’ve had dealers text me multiple times in a day “Yo you sure you don’t need some?” Some dealers are desperate, some are not. by judging accurately you will be able to effectively set your price at $50 for that eighth, or $60 if they don’t need your business. I hope this helped someone!

PS: I would never buy an eighth for $60

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