First Retail Marijuana Brand

With our country on the cusp of legalization, someone was bound to create a brand of weed. Diego Pellicer intends to be the first trustworthy brand of pot: the Camel or Marlboro of marijuana. It makes complete sense to start building a brand now, even without full legalization implemented. Diego Pellicer intends to sell only the most premium of marijuana, it will have guaranteed consistent quality. “Think of us as the ‘Davidoff of marijuana,’ with great attention given from genetics to the finished product.” -Quote from

The Pellicer company wants to transform the marijuana buying experience from plastic bags sold on street corners, to glass containers sold in well outfitted stores. Pellicer is attempting to turn into the Starbucks of weed. Planning to open their first retail store in Washington within the next year, or as soon as possible. Currently there is no national marijuana brand leaving the market open to any who wish to create one.
Some are speculating that instead of turning into a pot industry titan, Jamen Shively (founder of Diego Pellicer) may be securing himself a spot in federal prison. “The guy’s out of his mind,” said Earnie Blackmon chief executive of a chain of marijuana dispensaries in Denver. What happens with his brand will reflect much upon how hard the federal government cracks down on it

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